Private Wealth

At Woodbury, we help people address the challenges of creating, protecting and transferring wealth by using the best of breed solutions.

Whilst everyone is different, we know that there is a common theme to addressing your needs and we work to develop a long-term, individualised strategic plan for you.

The most common areas for advice are around wealth creation, wealth protection and wealth transfer and our private wealth offering caters for this.

Multi-Family Office

We also find that for families that have created substantial wealth and complexity, the best way to bring these disparate advice pieces together is through our Multi-Family Office approach. As private wealth offerings can become commoditised, the family office approach caters for the specific needs of ultra-affluent families through a bespoke team, service and financial plan.

Your complex needs are best served not by one adviser, but by a team of specialists operating as a cohesive unit.
Our Multi-family approach sources and co-ordinates this team around a common cause – your financial objectives – in order to ensure that a tailored team of experts are focusing on your unique needs.

Our advised families have access to a wide range of services that are integrated into a total solution that is customised for each particular need;

  • Personal Chief financial officer supported by specialists across the full advice spectrum
  • Best of Breed professionals collaborating to meet your objectives
  • Management of generational transitions
  • Fixed Fee revenue model removing the expense of percentage based fees and conflict-of-interest from product commissions
  • A dynamic approach to investing, asset protection and philanthropy

Some clients are looking for the support and governance to extend to their personal and lifestyle goals. Supporting them through the co-ordination of their families travel plans, providing research on the purchase of a lifestyle asset or helping provide education to their family on their wealth management approach.

With regular research trips to Europe, Asia and USA (including Silicon Valley), we keep our clients up to date with the latest in business, technology and social thinking from around the world.

We are proud to sponsor Professional Ironwoman Lizzie Welborn, please hear her story and how Woodbury support her below