You are unique, with your own specific goals for the future, and your own unique preferences about how to go about achieving them.

At Woodbury, we don’t believe any single advice or investment firm (however large or global in reach) has a monopoly on ‘brilliance’ across all areas we require to build investment solutions for clients.  While our clients are successful people and expect to have access to best-in-class investment solutions, it’s always in the context of working with a trusted partner who can bring it all together, understands and simplifies their complexity, keeps the big picture view of their overall strategy and situation front of mind, and has their back without being conflicted by financial products or self-interest.  This is the role Woodbury plays for our clients.

Our investment offering provides:

  • Solutions not products to get you where you want to go, achieve specific goals and address gaps or needs in your situation.
  • Confidence that those investing your money know and understand what makes you tick … and have the expertise to invest in a way that achieves your goals while matching your unique preferences and values.
  • Peace of mind that your investments are designed and managed by highly experienced professionals using a disciplined, tested and robust process, within strict governance controls.
  • Flexibility that allows you to be involved in the process of creating your tailored solution, and take the hassle out of investing for you. Woodbury solutions are also able to incorporate your existing providers where required as part of the overall strategy.
  • Transparency in what you’re paying and what you’re getting for it … cost-effective solutions without conflicted side arrangements or in-house products.
  • Access to a best-in-class partner network of leading local and global investment strategies, ideas and research, including a wide range of private market opportunities.
  • Quality advice to help you gain more control of your investments … not less.
  • Responsible Investing options that allow you to integrate personal values and beliefs into investment solutions in a way that reflects who you are, and what you’re about.

Investment Services

Woodbury provides three types of investment offerings.  Each offering differs with regard to the degree of complexity, scale, customisation and cost of investment solutions required.

  1. Private Wealth  (focused on High Net Worth individuals and families)
  2. Multi-Family Office (focused on Ultra-High Net Worth individuals and families, and small to medium size Family Offices)
  3. Private Office Service (focused on medium to large size Family Offices)

For more detail about each particular offering, and which may be the best fit for your situation, please contact our office.

Best of both worlds

High Net Worth and Ultra-High Net Worth investors expect and deserve a higher touch, personalised service.  Our boutique model combining in-house expertise and customisation, together with use of external specialist providers, is the ideal structure to provide deep personal client knowledge, trust and depth of relationship, while at the same time providing access to a wide global doorway of best-practice leading strategies and solutions.   Add to this the depth of experience and capability of our team that allows us to expertly build an overall wealth and/or investment solution that meets your objectives, and you have the best of both worlds!

This combination is something large institutions and investment houses have failed to master.  It’s one thing to be big and global, but the challenge for big firms is to leverage it for the benefit of client outcomes in a cost-effective manner.  In our approach, we can cost-effectively access and leverage the best ‘bits’ of large global firms while leaving behind the parts that don’t work for our clients … and we are not tied to using in-house product lines or implementing single ‘house views’ like large investment and advisory firms are.


Woodbury has a significant amount of experience working with the existing investment providers used by new clients.  For investments, the great benefit of our consulting approach is that we can ‘plug and play’ existing providers into various parts of a solution, and insert other capabilities or providers into the gaps in the portfolio around them if/as required.  We provide the overall investment strategy and strategic asset allocation to meet your objectives and any existing providers you want to retain become part of the ‘building blocks’ used to fill out the overall portfolio.