The Woodbury philosophy is structured by what is important to you

Your time
Your family’s legacy
The advice of trusted experts
An intentional approach to maximizing your wealth

1. Your time

As a successful person, you are time-poor without the opportunity to dedicate time to your complex financial position. We believe you are best served by a ‘Personal CFO’ who can design and manage your personalized strategic wealth plans, and co-ordinate your financial affairs.


2. Your family’s legacy

We believe that your needs are met through a long term cross generational relationship to truly understand your family’s complex financial needs and objectives.


3. The advice of trusted experts

You value the advice of experts operating in their field of core competency, providing strategic advice. As such, we are committed to delivering ‘best of breed’ advice by co-ordinating a team of experienced experts operating in their core competency.

We believe that your needs are served by advisers being paid for their strategic advice, not product sales, and acting free from any external influence through a fee for service model.


4. An intentional approach to maximizing your wealth

We believe that an intentional structured approach to managing your wealth is the best way to meet your objectives.

We believe that this is best achieved through a bespoke, purpose built investment portfolio diversified across asset classes and management styles.

Woodbury can act as your own personal Family Office, the single point of contact for financial decisions - being there to guide and manage your financial affairs as life unfolds.