The advice we give is tailored and unique to the vision you have for your family – the process we use to define this is structured, consistent and comprehensive to ensure we address each of your goals. The result is objective and customised advice driven by your family’s priorities.

Our busy, successful clients place great importance on ‘getting it done’. The structure of our client advice process is no accident and allows us to carefully and efficiently project manage the design, implementation and review of a client’s strategic wealth plan on an ongoing basis. In our view the best laid plans are of no value if they are not effectively executed.

A sound financial strategy is never a ‘set and forget’ strategy. For many of our clients it takes years for the foundations we have built together to be realised and achieved.

Each year we will meet at agreed intervals to review and adjust the strategy if deemed necessary and appropriate to a client’s situation. Inevitably things will change. This is where we will assist in resetting objectives, regaining focus, and dealing with important projects as they arise.

In addition to these steps, a detailed timeline of events is agreed with clients at the time of engagement that covers ongoing contact-points such as client briefings, tax planning meetings, and other events tailored to meet a client’s specific requirements.

We provide tailored solutions, appropriate to your situation, bringing the best ideas in the marketplace to you.
Dominic Cogger